...Tonku 2013年9月7日 10時38分
Game started crashing recently, causing lots of deaths and LOTS OF MONEY
Okay so I have been playing since it was called War Z and never had the crashing problems others seemed to complain about. I loved the game. Lately I've been crashing especially in combat with zombies and thus resulting in my death and loss of all my items from that session. Now I've spent my real money just so I can respawn and go loot my things, only to crash again and lose it all again. I mean I already bought the F***ing game why am I spending money to continue playing when it's the games fault for crashing? I've opened tickets and no reply for days now, I'm sure when a reply does come it will be some copy paste BS that i've already tried.

TL;DR : My games crashing with no error message, just freeze, then "Send error report". I seem to be able to travel around without much issue but as soon as I get into a town or combat I lag out within 10-20 minutes.

What am I supposed to do? Any suggestions?
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coLLin*SVK* 2013年9月7日 13時28分 
same here ...just my pc has to freeze all the time until blue screen
...Tonku 2013年9月7日 14時35分 
I don't get a bluescreen, the game process just ends randomly, then I have to relog, which sometimes will then crash again as soon as it loads in saying "Out of memory" or something stupid, then the third log i'm back in, but only to be crashed and killed again within 20 mins. SUCKS.
cole_cowan14 2013年9月7日 21時31分 
is it happening to everyone or just a few ppl?
cole_cowan14 2013年9月7日 21時31分 
i just bought game its almost done downloading
Septic 2013年9月7日 21時36分 
Never had any issues on my own but heard of some that did :) Only had lagspikes in Campos City and Boulder.
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