Tom Cruise 2013年8月21日 23時26分
Dont trust
Everyone dont trust LHR SOUL EATER. I teamed with him and he killed me, lost all of my stuff. He is a fake wanna be team. Can anyone help me?
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Quix 2013年8月21日 23時34分 
Chalk it up as a lesson learned. Don't trust anyone you don't know.
Tom Cruise 2013年8月21日 23時34分 
yea I know
Jones Comoreto 2013年8月21日 23時36分 

part of this game is the expectation if somebody will be friend or foe.
better you play with real or steam friends, only.
dementia167 2013年8月22日 1時53分 
trollolollolololololololololololololol hah happened here once too lololol
HerrPanzerCardinal 2013年8月22日 3時31分 
yeah, take it as lesson learned. A couple of weeks ago I came across a guy and as I would rather avoid a fight, I ran away and hid lol. He called out that he was new, didn't even have a weapon. Since I remember starting out not knowing about the central inventory and spawning without even a melee weapon sucks, I decided to come back out. Sure enough, there he was jumping up and down, no weapon out. Feeling sorry for the guy I unpacked a couple of melee weapons, some food, etc. We looted a road block together, was just about to head out to a nearby town, then, bash, bash, bash. He killed me when I had my back turned.

When I came across someone, I used to call out "friendly" and watch them and if they didnt answer back I would hide until they moved on. Now I just run the other way and avoid contact at all costs.
KookiePoo 2013年8月22日 6時03分 
one word COD.
MRfingers 2013年8月22日 6時14分 
lol noobs
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