Foxcom James 2013年7月31日 13時01分
Elite Clan (Will fight against bandits) Who will join our cause?
We are sick of getting shot when we walk out of the safe zone, I, and my teamates, are creating a reaction force to fight back. If you are sick of getting spawnkilled and such add me as a friend and play with me! No clan members will fight eachother, it will be just like always.
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Destroh 2013年7月31日 13時30分 
idk vac bans on record how do we know your not just another scamming hacker
Foxcom James 2013年7月31日 13時34分 
My vac ban happened a very long time ago and is only banning me from MW2 because I was in a mod lobby. Im not making you join or to trust me, but Im only here to help. This game has so much potential and I want to make it better.
WannaShareNeedles 2013年7月31日 14時08分 
join my pve server. add me on steam and i'll get you set up in the clan
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