Infestation: Survivor Stories

Destroh 2013年7月31日下午12:30
realy need a pve option
getting tired of walking out of a safe zone on any server and getting shot
there is a large portion of the community that wants pve servers just so we can play the basic game
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MR.kebabber 2013年7月31日下午12:31 
$0n1k 2013年7月31日下午1:36 
Personally, I think the devs substitute the PVP as a supplement to the abysmal zombie AI. If dedicated public PVE servers are to be in place, better code for the zombies will also need to be in place. So don't hold your breath on this.
Destroh 2013年7月31日下午1:43 
well double the zombie population on a pve server OR lower the price of a private server 50$ is way to much they could also make thugs kos anywhere
$0n1k 2013年7月31日下午1:45 
Doubling the zombies won't matter much. The zombies are way too exploitable as it is. You can loot the entire map solo with only a flashlight, because the zombies fail so much.
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WannaShareNeedles 2013年7月31日下午2:06 
i have a private pve server you can join... clan of about 10. loot bandit free. add me on steam and send a message
Ic3nFiRe 2013年7月31日下午2:29 
sent you a steam request devildog...looking for a private pve server to gather stuff hassle free.
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