MR.kebabber 2013年7月31日 9時37分
What time is it day time in the originally world and ingame world?
heey :-) sry for my bad english xD, but whenever i play Infestation: Survivor Stories its only night?, and i dont know if its? night on all the servers but? when i play at the day its night att all the times at the day? :-) atm i live in denmark, and i dont know if the nights in the game are 12 hours long and the days 12 hours long and going after united states time :-) but plz help me:-)
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DennisB 2013年7月31日 12時31分 
night time and day time changes every 2 hours its night or day time is the same every day for me its night time at 17:00 / 19:00 every day if you understand what i mean
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MR.kebabber 2013年7月31日 12時32分 
okay :-) really thankful by the way, u maybe wanna gather up? i am new to this game:-)?
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