[Sb] snavis 2013年7月7日下午7:27
Infestation: Survivor Stories desktop icon change.
So my desktop icon changed from a little pic of the letter Z for "The WarZ" to a little Planet Earth, just surprised me because I didnt think desktop icon's could change on their own. Did this happen to any one else?????
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Caedo (已封禁) 2013年7月7日下午7:29 
One of the updates after the name change also changed the icons. It's a red zombie in front of a moon now, I think.
[Sb] snavis 2013年7月7日下午7:32 
Yea in my Steam library there is the icon that is the red zombie infront of the "moon" but I also have a desktop icon for the game on my DESKTOP lol and the picture on that changed to a picture of earth and it triped me out that it changed by its self so thats why Im asking if it happend to anyone else.
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Caedo (已封禁) 2013年7月7日下午7:51 
Mine changed to the zombie on the desktop by itself, but I haven't seen any 'earth' type icon yet.
maxx130 2013年7月8日上午4:42 
not me, I still have the original WarZ icon on my DeskTop, but I do have the new one in my tray
ScoperMonkey 2013年7月8日上午10:59 
I still have the original WarZ icon too.
Kv@keR ☭ 2013年7月8日上午11:20 
same old war Z icon and its cant be changed automaticali
[Sb] snavis 2013年7月8日下午1:52 
It cant be changed automatically!? That dosent sit well with me cuz mine did!! lol wtf does that mean I wonder.
Caedo (已封禁) 2013年7月8日下午4:33 
引用自 CrowKv@keR
same old war Z icon and its cant be changed automaticali

Yes it can. When you download an update it just has to update that one little picture file as well. (that the downloader put there itself in the first place)
[Sb] snavis 2013年7月8日下午5:04 
Ethier way its wierd that it changed to a lil picture of earth, dosent really fit the game.
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