Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Bartminator 2013年7月7日上午12:56
New EU PVE server Free Slots available!
Hey guys, we have made a new EU server and want to invite you. we still have plenty of free slots left. feel free to PM me.


killing other people will result in a bann.

Write a PM wit all your char names you want to play with and you will get the password.
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Dablaze32 2013年7月7日上午2:27 
hey bro i would love to play in ur server altho i dont know how to pm my names to u.... :( put ing them on a public forum is safe??
ps i sent friend request and i can pm that way if thats ok.
最后由 Dablaze32 编辑于; 2013年7月7日上午2:28
Kal 2013年7月7日上午3:41 
hi also interested friend request sent
telamiina 2013年7月7日上午3:43 
Send you an friend invate. Im a adult lootter from Finland :D
ChiGoku 2013年7月7日上午5:13 
how are you going to ban people when all you can do is kick ppl off your server?
最后由 ChiGoku 编辑于; 2013年7月7日上午5:13
Bartminator 2013年7月7日上午5:46 
if some idiot start killing ppl, he gets a kick and the PW will be changed. all other accounts will get the new pw.
Dablaze32 2013年7月7日上午5:55 
haha good call!
Bokstav 2013年7月7日上午9:18 
hi dont know how to write to others but i just got this game and would love a pve server, i died so much in the last hour of trying this game from other players^^ so if a newb to this game could join would be lovley
Bartminator 2013年7月8日上午1:43 
We have left 7 free slots on the server!!
最后由 Bartminator 编辑于; 2013年7月8日上午1:43
The Old KSI 2013年7月8日上午8:10 
Hi, id like to join your Pve server. I sent you a friend request and if you add me i can Pm you my character names, Thanks!
Bartminator 2013年7月8日上午11:38 
more slots for GC soon !
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