Afanickton 2013년 6월 28일 오후 4시 46분
It's been running flawlessly the past 2 weeks, but today I seem to get this error randomly.

getQueryResult: node.query-> GetData call returned error! (800004005)

Game suddenly minimizes with that error note, I wouldnt mind it so much, if my character didnt stay in-game for 10 seconds while it logs me out (I've died because of this)

Anyone know whats up with it? I've reverified files, restarted my computer, and simply reopened the game and it didnt fix it.

I'm about to try reinstalling it completely but my internet isnt so good so I have trying to postpone that.
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Afanickton 2013년 6월 29일 오전 4시 10분 
I fixed this by reinstalling the game, wish I knew what caused it though
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