Yolo from the Swagland 21 jun 2013 om 4:46vm
Check Minimal requirements before you buy that game
To all who consider buying that game you should check current minimal requirements and keep in mind that Hammerpoint company keeps increasing minimal requirements over time. If you happen to miss the minimal requirements after incoming updates or the latest changes you may experience Black Box bug, massive drop of FPS etc. Whats more according to their official forum a lot of ppl that tried to get refund for minimal requirement change couldnt get it due to policy sellers policy. Lately topics that contain players complaining gets removed and lot of forum users gets warning/ban from the forum for "flaming"

* Make sure u check minimal requirements on forum as well since the last minimal requirement increase was noticed on the main page around 2 weeks after that change if i remember well so a lot of ppl bought game that didnt work for them anymore
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