SpaceTofu 2013年3月7日下午4:19
Random GC's
Just wondering if anyone else got 350 GC for early revive or something?
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datCookie (已封禁) 2013年3月7日下午9:47 
If you check the official forums you will find your answer. If you have been banned from the forums then I cannot help you
sparkychavez 2013年3月9日上午8:01 
yea got some to
dont know why
CabaLJB 2013年3月9日上午9:05 
They gave it to players so they can try out the new revive feature...
Ismelly[?!?] 2013年3月9日上午10:56 
oh hah. i was like ooooh 350GC, and bought new shiz :D
mr bigdad 2013年3月9日上午11:29 
So they have to hand out money for people to play lol!
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