Nigerian Soldier 143 2013年3月5日下午1:21
Serial Code
where can i have my serial Code?
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Khaltaïr 2013年3月5日下午3:36 
Any luck finding it? I can't find it
GaNjAlF 3ö~ 2013年3月5日下午3:48 
If you bought trough STEAM the cdkey it'ss tied to your STEAM email.
If you can't download: exit STEAM. Reopen STEAm now you can download.
After the download press paly a pop up will come up... insert email and password (don't know if STEAM one or if they ask you before a mail and pass when bought the game)
Nigerian Soldier 143 2013年3月5日下午9:28 
yes it worked
that big text means only: restart Steam, if not works ask Steam.
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