Hydro 4/mar/2013 às 4:18
so im looking for someone who can let me and my freinds play about on there server password protected add me on steam

what we get basicly just to get gear for pvping
what you get i will purchase you a game of steam depending how long we will be using the server will determin the price of game you get for 1 month you will get a £30 game
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GaNjAlF 3ö~ 4/mar/2013 às 4:59 
better go in the official warz forum.
Subcategory : private servers
GLA Worker - RIP 140 Children 4/mar/2013 às 6:07 
Seems legit.
Hydro 4/mar/2013 às 6:12 
bump if anyone noes someone
razberrie 4/mar/2013 às 6:13 
good luck...you're gonna need it.
Hydro 4/mar/2013 às 6:24 
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