Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

DUNCAN DONUTS 2013年2月26日下午2:07
Should I buy War Z or Aliens: Colonial Marines?
They're both good games, but I don't have the money to get both of them. For those that have played them: which is the better purchase? I'm leaning towards War Z, but ACM looks pretty enticing as well.
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lol no, get aliens : colonial marines, trust me.
SaucySpaghetti 2013年2月26日下午2:09 
Hahaha get Aliens. It's waaaayy better by far compared to WarZ.
Riku 2013年2月26日下午2:09 
Not bad Duncan not bad.
DigiMink (已封禁) 2013年2月26日下午2:10 
Even if this is a troll thread saying this anyways for the hell of it.

Get Aliens. Its much better than this PoS scam. <-- read if you have any thoughts of getting War Z instead cause I bet your not gonna want War Z afterwords :)
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Riku 2013年2月26日下午2:11 
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Get Aliens. Its much better than this PoS scam. <-- read if you have any thoughts of getting War Z instead cause I bet your not gonna want War Z afterwords :)

How do you fools not realize he's joking? Aliens was almost as bad as WarZ. He isn't going to buy either because they are both bad.
PhoenixOmen 2013年2月26日下午2:12 
I do not have The War Z, but i do have A:CM...i will trust on what other gamers do say about this game and since i do have A:CM...i would suggest you....DO NOT BUY ANY OF THEM. Save your money for a better purchase.
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bone 2013年2月26日下午2:15 
hard decision.. you could actually get both of them, they're going to be on sale soon. But if you have to decide, i'll probably would go with warZ, it has better graphics, a better anti cheat system and the multiplayer is really good
Both are equally "good."
M.I.K.E. 2013年2月26日下午2:51 
Buy Arma3 on 5 march !
Cronik 2013年2月26日下午3:02 
lol good troll post, I brought both of them but I can safely say I didn't feel butthurt buying Warz I've enjoyed it, was £10 and I have got 300hrs out of it, all be it the features advertised are still nowhere to be seen.

Aliens on the otherhand I feel cheated, 6 yrs in development and it's like a ps2 game with no replayability and next to no content for multiplayer. It was a bigger disappointment than the movie Prometheus was, to make it worse I brought the DLC Season Pass arrggghhh.

Bottom line is both companies/developers are damn right liars and the false advertising for both games was unacceptable.
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Skripnik09 2013年2月26日下午3:04 
Are they not both equally bad?
AC 2013年2月26日下午3:05 
WarZ to be honest.

But they are BOTH SO GOD DAMN GOOD. I bought copies for all my friends.
Diogenes 2013年2月26日下午3:07 

War Z is crap and Alien's Colonial Marine's costs too much and has had quite negative feed back. If I were in you're position I would buy Counter Strike GO.
Uebe 2013年2月26日下午3:08 
Wait for DayZ Standalone :)
bone 2013年2月26日下午3:11 
well, it actually depends on what you want op. if you wan't to have a really good aliens vs marines game, get acm because it's the best of it's kind and not as bad as natural selection 2 for example. but if you want a zombie survival game get warZ, also the best of it's kind. dayZ is probably just a clone of warZ
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