Sarsipius 24. helmi, 2013 16.35
The Dungeon is closed for business.
I like the way that the place you can rant, now gets locked.

Thumbs up Hammerpoint.
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ChiGoku 24. helmi, 2013 16.41 
Oh my!! hahaha thats such censorship at its best!!! AirRhino is such a tool!! I'm ashamed to be canadian with him, cant believe how much of a tool that guy is!!
Doggie015 24. helmi, 2013 16.45 
I feel like creating an account called "Vass" and living up to the insanity of the name just to see how they would react
Sarsipius 24. helmi, 2013 16.55 
lol, I was thinking of creating 2 accounts, one called "Husband" the other called "Wife" and set about having a domestic on the forums with each other. Lets face it, the forums are a joke just like the game.
Doggie015 24. helmi, 2013 18.42 
Looks like they reopened a few threads...
Sarsipius 24. helmi, 2013 19.08 
yeah starting to open some now, but at first some mod went through and locked EVERY thread on the first 6 pages.
ChiGoku 24. helmi, 2013 19.11 
2 were re-opened from what I read.. the rest may just be new threads moved to that section, and not being locked?? It was all locked by 1 admin from the sounds of it (AirRhino) so it could possibly be other admins moving threads there, and not locking it.. because it IS meant for ppl to rant.. not for just locked and hide topics
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