Infestation: Survivor Stories

Infestation: Survivor Stories

Marximus 2013年2月23日 5時29分
Coud someone help me whit my lag problems?
Alot of games run fineon my laptop, (Total War Series, Warband, Arma) But WarZ laggs ALOT. I get like 5 FPS
Here's my specs.

Acer (Laptop Maker)
Aspire 7739 (Model)
Intel Core i3 CPU M 380 @ 2.53GHz 2.53 GHz (Processor)
6,00 GB Memory
64 Bit
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Marximus 2013年2月23日 5時34分 
+Windows 7 (Ofc)
+Game Booster (And that still doesent work)
LEROTS 2013年2月23日 5時37分 
Marximus 2013年2月23日 5時45分 
Some people like to play it on Private Servers (Like me), Im having fun in my little stronghold in Frosty Pines :3
Marximus 2013年2月23日 5時46分 
But, Thats on my brothers laptop (0% Lagg), My laptop (80% Lagg)
razberrie 2013年2月23日 6時28分 
no lag if you uninstall this boring "hiking/shopping simulator with advanced hacking capabilities"
Marximus 2013年2月23日 6時37分 
I dident ask for hate comments, I agree that the devs are ****, but the game it self is fun on private servers. Im asking for a solution
razberrie 2013年2月23日 6時42分 
not hate just the truth...

look at all the people on thier forums who are complaining that it is taking over five minutes for just the 'server list' to load....

it's not you. or your computer..... it's the mishmash unprofessional coding that this game is built upon that starts the snowballing effect of all the other issues that plague this junkware..

razberrie 2013年2月23日 6時43分 
have you contacted customer service at War Z for Technical Issues ?

I hear they have a great support division....

Marximus 2013年2月23日 7時28分 
I did, (2 weeks ago!) No reaction yet
Bucket of Doom 2013年2月23日 7時43分 
I think you need a better processor.
close applications in the backround, lower settings. that should help a little
Marximus 2013年2月23日 8時50分 
Lowest settings. Still lags, Any programs that might help?
Bucket of Doom 2013年2月23日 9時45分 
i think its your processor (i am not sure about that) :/ so i dont think any program will help you, sorry :/
mr bigdad 2013年2月23日 10時46分 
Its the games servers being stopped!
Bucket of Doom 2013年2月23日 10時54分 
mr bigdad の投稿を引用:
Its the games servers being stopped!

do you even play the war z?
razberrie 2013年2月23日 11時27分 
thankfully, not anymore
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