CabaLJB 2013年2月23日 1時35分
Dev Diary 2-22-2013 Just hopes and dreams no content
apparently Hammerpoint goes back to their policy of doing nothing and just promising stuff...and like always not adressing any problems raised by their community:

Didn´t they say in the past that faifight was 100% correct?
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razberrie 2013年2月23日 6時14分 diary ??? there is nothing there. one lame excuse post...

Kewk "always" has an excuse.

flu ya right.

excuse for why he was not to be found for over a week ..and Sergey STILL is nowhere.....

.... but yet Kewk was logged into his Steam games account last week while his player base was losing their mind from ZERO correspondence.... he could play on Steam but not pop in for just ONE post to his players.

I call BS on his excuse....
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razberrie 2013年2月23日 6時49分 
I see this 'great new' loot fix ( that took over a week to get ) is working

items now "despawn" without anyone even touching them ... lol... I feel bad for the people that are working hours on end in Norad, etc just to reach the weapons...only to find they are despawning when they get there.

CabaLJB 2013年2月23日 6時57分 
The best thing is, that they already stated in the past that fairfight is getting 99% of the hackers...and doesn´t need to be improved...they went so far to call all people who wrote a ban appeal liars, because fairfight is always right...and now suddenly this...
It´s just like one of these we have done nothing the hole week let´s just pull something out of our butts excuses...they already stopped developing...
Just compare these statements to some they made before they abandoned War Inc.
Siresly 2013年2月23日 8時38分 
I have no idea how they arrived at the conclusion that imposing stricter rules on 100p servers was a great success. What data are they basing this on? That communication thing again.

"players experienced a much better time in game as a result." he says.
Of course that'd be the case, since most hackers would migrate to servers without these rules.

And Fairfight's been giving people trouble all over the place, making it judge more harshly doesn't immediately jump out as a great idea.

And this is a "top priority" to them.
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