Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

I have a couple of characters with items, that are wounded, so I cant use them now. Im needing to know how I can heal them, since I cant heal them in game.

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Unless you find bandages, antidotes, or painkillers, you can't heal your character. If you are worried about your stuff. Run to the nearest safe zone and put all of it in your GI. So if your character dies, you don't lose anything.
I know, but what im asking is, how do I heal the characters that cant be loaded?
What do you mean loaded? Are they dead? Or just wounded? You might need tech support.
They are wounded, but cant load them.
Oh, you mean time wait.
mr bigdad の投稿を引用:
Oh, you mean time wait.

Time wait? How long do I have to wait for?
James 2013年1月25日 5時15分 
If they aren't dead, there is no cooldown on logging back in.
Ok, so cooldown isnt when wounded? Ok, only on death then. But still, why cant someone help this dude? Oh wait, because even the fannies have left the game! ;)
James 2013年1月25日 6時21分 
what he is describing sounds like a bug, but I haven't heard of it happening or encountered it myself, so I do not have a work-around for the issue at the present time.
James の投稿を引用:
If they aren't dead, there is no cooldown on logging back in.

Exactly. They arent dead, or no revive time, then it must be a bug?
banned for hacking.... allegedly you are not allowed to be wounded.
Hacking? Why would I hack to be wounded?
I'm having the same problem!
I'm not hacker or know how to play right. On the first day of play, I have two characters that do not have items and are caught with wounded! Why?
Another point to discuss the punkbuster is disconnected from the server application to update, but no update to be made ...
You may have received a penalty from Punkbuster for whatever reason. Sometimes PB will block an account for a set amount of time (most people I've talked to only waited about 10 minutes). If that's not the case then Idk man, try restarting your computer lol.
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