Infestation: Survivor Stories

Infestation: Survivor Stories

Why Are You Here?
Im still wondering why so many steam members are still here to attack a game thats not even on steam anymore? I mean at this point what do you plan on achieving in this stage of the game? I dont think at this point there is much to do on these forums.

I mean not one person here ever really goes into detail about the fundamentals of the game. Its all rehash of "look at what this guy said on youtube", "look what the game review site said", "look at how bad the devs are" and so on.

I'm trying my best to not troll but i get nothing but negativity when i try to be positive. I never would imagine going on some of the other forums to attack a game that others may enjoy. I dont want to throw the old "fanboy argument around" because thats got old real quick.

Why have we all turned on each other over such a small game? Is our pride so high that we feel we must defend the gaming community from what some feel is a bad game, that seems a little over protective.

Lets keep this positive tho i doubt it will happen. I cant feel something is off about all the negativity.......
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