El Pepo 2013年1月12日 20時45分
I've been banned for no reason, I do?
最近の変更はEl Pepoが行いました; 2013年1月12日 20時46分
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Micket 2013年1月12日 20時50分 
They don't need a reason, mmk, deal with it.
Siresly 2013年1月12日 21時45分 

Don't think they bother with Twitter much, but hey, worth a shot.
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Cadderley 2013年1月12日 22時35分 
Its happened to you too eh? your not on your own. Almost every other thread here is by someone who has been banned for no reason.
El Pepo 2013年1月13日 8時49分 
Thank you very much.
What happens is that I did not enter the game for a few days and try to come I could not because I was banned and do not know why
Knifering (TheDuke) 2013年1月13日 9時36分 
Go here some of the guys there have also been banned for nothing

[GA]NuclearShadow 2013年1月13日 10時31分 
The banning was reavealed as a scam plan before the ban waves even came in by a ex-mod. Basically they are hoping you will buy the game again and if not they already took your money to begin with. Chances are you will not be unbanned.
Kunogi 2013年1月13日 11時33分 
Mickit の投稿を引用:
They don't need a reason, mmk, deal with it.
Bearton Jay 2013年1月15日 10時33分 
Please Contact Support[warz.zendesk.com].
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