cyn-immarapeu 2013年1月1日 21時56分
i buy the war z steam.. so how i got my serial number? my 3 guest key? and my icon forum
ya just to the poin how? coz the steam id or my email account game not linked to the original forum ==" i already have the forum id and same email but it cant log in/ reply some post on forum
how i get my
3guest key?
my icon?
and serial number?
i buy the 22$ dollar it mean on the normal is 25$
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BonerLand 2013年1月2日 0時54分 
put in a steam ticket for a refund
cyn-immarapeu 2013年1月2日 7時24分 
can u give me the link? refund for what dude?
GaNjAlF 3ö~ 2013年1月2日 8時48分 
ask in the official forum, best way... Here you will found just people trashing the game ecc
cyn-immarapeu 2013年1月2日 13時40分 
the official forum is suck bro coz i can log in but i CAN'T post some post? lol
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