Lions 2012 12 月 30 @ 10:19下午
Need a bottom to show PING and FPS
Need a bottom to show PING and FPS
necessary in future server BRAZIL for less PING
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Andreo 2012 12 月 30 @ 10:22下午 
Uncomfortably Dumb 2012 12 月 30 @ 10:25下午 
There's a tiny red frame-rate monitor in the top right of the screen - alternatively, download FRAPS, BandiCam, or dxtory; they're free 3D recording software and they'll display your frame-rate to you when they're turned on.

As for your ping - let's be honest (and I mean no offense here), you're Brazilian; you've got to expect a high ping by now. The telecommunications network in Brazil is so poor that Brazilians get a high latency when pinging other Brazilian servers. A latency monitor isn't going to change that.
Lions 2012 12 月 30 @ 10:53下午 
FPS so yes it is true that only appears when this very low. That's not cool already that the settings do not work right. since the player to play in the low setting, the characters can see much farther than one without difficulties playing at most, in my case my computer is last generation (Bulldozer 6100, gtx 550 ti 1 gb). I do not think so cool that I'm asking to have a button in order to leave the best possible. and show that the ping server to see which works best in Brazil. U.S., cpl 100, Russian'm not guessing
IsauroDeathSabbath 2012 12 月 31 @ 1:36下午 
Jordab` 2012 12 月 31 @ 2:23下午 
Yeah, good luck trying to get these devs to add in anything that they'll have to do any actual work on.
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