Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Dr. Nick Key 2012年12月25日上午12:47
FonZ - The Next Big Zombie Game!
Howdy folks. For those that missed it, we have had a great thread going about the upcoming hit: FonZ.

You can read about it and view screenshots/videos at either of the links below. I would reccomend reading the read on the official WarZ forums as the responses there provide the most entertainment.

I was going to try and get a mirror thread up on these forums also but I don't know how to embed images here and it just wouldnt work without doing that.


Thanks guys!
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Felly 2012年12月25日上午1:03 
All my moneys.
PixelSheep 2012年12月25日上午1:14 
28 DayZ Later
Nobody 2012年12月25日上午1:25 
And this is then the main zombie[]?
Generic User Name 2012年12月25日上午2:23 
引用自 //AustriA\\ Emke
And this is then the main zombie[]?

If he's also covered in bees and plays the Happy Days theme when spawned, then this is a day 1 purchase for me.
5in2an 2012年12月25日上午2:38 
Eeeeeeeh 'thumbs up' now sit on it!
psyk2642 2012年12月25日上午6:07 
Shut up and take my money!
razberrie 2012年12月25日上午6:11 
ooo cool ! ..... maybe Serge and the boys can just yank the motorcycles from Midnight Race Club.....
Phallys Island.
Micket 2012年12月25日上午6:52 
the feck did i just watch?
Silverdax 2012年12月25日上午7:10 
You are winner :)
NuclearShadow 2012年12月25日上午8:46 
How can I invest into the development of this game? It's going to make billions!
Grim 2012年12月25日上午9:06 
more like PonZ
Dr. Nick Key 2012年12月25日上午10:39 
Look at these great examples of our AAA customer service. We answer your concerns!

引用自 HerpyDooves321
This game sucks I just got banned for no reason! hackers on every island but I did not hack I'm totally legit

just bought some baseball bats and swords now my money is gone and I'm banned! unban me or give refund
I just banned your account for hacking. Stupid hackers. Now there are no hackers in the game, this thing is 1000000000000000000000000% hackproof.

引用自 theOmek
y u no destrucshion 2.1 ????? want tu blou of sometink
Complaining about our perfect game? BANNED!

引用自 theOmek
Devs pleas fiks the: obvious uncommon #random numbers error asap, ty.
That error doesnt exist because rhino sharks.

引用自 Dynamic
I feel like there arnt enough cheetahs on phallys island, and the game is really just a fps with a cheetah in the background. Might I suggest adding more cheetahs to truly give the game that Cheetah Survival feel?
Our game is perfect, stop misreading our cheetah spawns.
Espio0{CT} 2012年12月25日下午3:40 
god ♥♥♥♥ing damnit, i can't breathe xD

someone please keep these posts seperately in case they want to remove em
最后由 Espio0{CT} 编辑于; 2012年12月25日下午3:44
Priest of Dagon 2012年12月25日下午4:01 
They had me at rhino-sharks.
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