Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

EthicalPixel 2012年12月19日上午10:14
Just want to say that you guys are the best *Goodbye update *
In the past 24 hours i have found that the gaming community in steam does come together ( for the most part) and fight vigillantly for what is right and putting ALL else aside.

I am proud to have witnessed and take part in the show of text/voice which opposed this kind of practice and will not have it any other way..

you guys are great.

EDIT we got thos crap removed, not steam .. you guys did..


EDIT : This unstoppable force came like a thief in the night unwavering and with unforseen power..
It unleashed justice like a razor sharp sword against pink flesh and then i blinked and it was gone..

i hope i will meet you again when the time is right for its only been minutes and i miss it like its been gone for years..

Goodbye unstoppable force, til we meet again..


最后由 EthicalPixel 编辑于; 2013年1月7日下午8:58
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Guapo 2012年12月19日上午10:15 
I love you too bro.
Tall Oscar 2012年12月19日上午10:15 
You're welcome.
Inco 2012年12月19日上午10:15 
Too.. much.. popcorn..

I'd love to pretend that I'm here for consumer rights but it's like a train wreck: I just can't look away!
最后由 Inco 编辑于; 2012年12月19日上午10:15
J-ManZ 2012年12月19日上午10:16 
Don't ♥♥♥♥ with gamers.
Wreckoning 2012年12月19日上午10:17 
I've been lucky. I've abstained from the popcorn and subsisted on a diet of righteous comraderie. You guys. All of you. Come over here.

*bro fist*
General Fredrik 2012年12月19日上午10:17 
I don't like being lied to and then told that it's all my fault.

So thanks I guess.
Scavenger 2012年12月19日上午10:17 
This is the time we really need "Retake Gaming" Too bad that group fell apart thanks to terrible leadership....
Peyko. 2012年12月19日上午10:17
This game is da bomb. Look at that map size, as they promised :D
James 2012年12月19日上午10:17 
Yeah, I really enjoy a mishmashed explosion of anger and knee-jerk reaction where the complaints range from completely valid to making no sense and trolling. Good work everyone, we've invented the internet.
ФDeadEyeФ (已封禁) 2012年12月19日上午10:18 
The first positive comment to come out of this all night. Just people standing up for their rights... too many people are willing to just bend over and take it these days. They like to brush it off as "it's only 20$". Tell you what, you can send me $20 for nothing any day of the week, please.
*s*t*a*r*s* 2012年12月19日上午10:20 
引用自 General Fredrik
I don't like being lied to and then told that it's all my fault.

So thanks I guess.

↑ Exactly.

Thick Tuna Fish 2012年12月19日上午10:23 
I almost purchased the game but fortunately I've been saved by a mob of angry people, also this story is so scandalous that I simply can't look away now.
!-R4ptor-! 2012年12月19日上午10:24 
I like the game it. ^^
It rox (:
*P0P$*FR3$H3NM3Y3R* 2012年12月19日上午10:24 
I agree with the OP it's great to see that people are not taking such crap regardless if they bought the game or not.

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