Infestation: Survivor Stories

Infestation: Survivor Stories

al 2012年12月19日上午1:20
Forum moderation concerns
Several users have raised concerns about censorship or other posters being banned unfairly. We take these complaints seriously and are investigating the issue.

If you have specific examples of what you feel was unfair or incorrect moderation on this forum, please post them in this thread (or on my profile) and we'll have a look. There has been a lot of traffic in this forum - a new topic every minute for the last day and a half, with thousands of replies. All that makes moderation a very difficult task.

If you have concerns or criticisms about the game, you are free to post those in this forum. However, please keep your posts on-topic and about the game. There's no reason to personally insult other posters, the developers, or the moderators. Please keep the discussion rules and guidelines in mind when posting.
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ⱠȜȜŦⱲ₳ҒҒȽԐϨ 2012年12月19日上午1:21 
Thank you, Al, for taking the necessary means to begin resolving this matter.
CabaLJB 2012年12月19日上午1:22 
Sorry to bother you: But which Rules und Guidlines apply here? The ones you just posted or the ones posted by Kwek?
最后由 CabaLJB 编辑于; 2012年12月19日上午1:23
Lethaldart/Caine 2012年12月19日上午1:23 
There were tonnes of legitimate concerns raised, and the posters were unfairly banned and had their threads removed from this discussion board. It's difficult to find proof of guilt or innocence, since they've been banned.
Coonie 2012年12月19日上午1:23 
Thanks for finally stepping in on tihs
Weazy 2012年12月19日上午1:24 
Honestly thats all I wanted to hear from you guys.
NephilimAD 2012年12月19日上午1:24 
thank god valve is taking notice. i think the problems are self explanatory by just clicking any random post. Ill spare you the complaints here.

Long story short, the gaming community feels like this a little like this
IceMan 2012年12月19日上午1:24 
I've seen Kwek or Kewk or whoever ban a lot of people for simply stating their opinions, they were not breaking the rules in any way. He would ban the posters and then lock their threads.
inb4 I get banned for this
noctis171 2012年12月19日上午1:24 
good mods to the rescue, yay
Shock4ndAwe 2012年12月19日上午1:28 
Keep up the good work, Al. You'll have to look way back at the threads that have been locked.
ⱠȜȜŦⱲ₳ҒҒȽԐϨ 2012年12月19日上午1:29 
引用自 Shock4ndAwe
Keep up the good work, Al. You'll have to look way back at the threads that have been locked.
The thing is, Kewk didn't just lock the threads. He deleted them entirely.
Priest of Dagon 2012年12月19日上午1:29 
Thank you, al!
IceMan 2012年12月19日上午1:30 
AbyssalHawk 2012年12月19日上午1:30 
really valve give a game dev the ability to BAN people on their game forum on STEAM? that is just ready to be abused.
Kazak 2012年12月19日上午1:30 
The thing is, Kewk didn't just lock the threads. He deleted them entirely.
They don't just magically get deleted from the database. The moderators should still be able to see them.

Now how you tell the moderators to go look at a specific deleted thread without having saved the name or link... /shrug/
ⱠȜȜŦⱲ₳ҒҒȽԐϨ 2012年12月19日上午1:31 
引用自 Castle Guard
I believe this is one of such threads.
There's good proof right there. I'm surprised he didn't shut the thread down, though.
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