Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

MKSchmidt 18/dez/2012 às 16:05
Well... I did it... I bought the game
I feel like I made an informed decision. I read the scathing reviews, watched the video which warned me not to buy it... but I bought it anyway.

Knowing that this is still a game under development, even though its presented as a finished product makes me very wary, but somehow that did not stop me from committing money to this thing.

I am aware that the map is only a measly 75 sq. kilometers. I realise I will only find servers with up to 50 people on it. Nevertheless, I have purchased the game.

I've also played DayZ quite a bit. I really like it, even with all its current problems. I know, it's an alpha, and the two can not, and should not be compared. Furthermore, I realise that WarZ is a DayZ clone. However, somehow, the idea is just too enticing to let go of, and as a result, I have spent cash on something which may very well be a huge waste of time and effort.

I have no one to blame but myself if I end up getting hosed on this.

Here I am, preparing to be totally underwhelmed... I will post my impressions of the game a bit later.
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