Faxen 17/dez/2012 às 14:59
Getting a steam key?
I bought the game a while back, did they mention giving out steam keys to those who own it already?
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Exhaustive 17/dez/2012 às 15:02 
Same here !
Hienrick 17/dez/2012 às 15:02 
No idea, I had a guest account and need a key to actually play it.
DeadWhisper 18/jun/2013 às 14:45 
You don't need a key, when you create an account it will attach your steam purchase to it. Just start the game from Steam and then create a new account. I had an old account that i trialed a long time ago and I can no longer access that account because I have to change the game key and you can't get a key on Steam. The link that everybody provides does not work. Just create a new account and Steam will attach to it.
ChiGoku 18/jun/2013 às 14:48 
gg at looking at the thread date...
The doctor is in 18/jun/2013 às 15:17 
its very easy

if you’ve purchased The War Z and set up an account, you can obtain a serial key for Steam from this link: https://account.thew...etsteamkey.php.

Simply login with your WarZ account login credentials and you’ll receive a serial key for the game for Steam!

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