THE PWNER 23 Maj, 2013 - 18:14
Warz? Dayz? Campers...
Im in most concern about this game. It contains the same features as Dayz as some of you have notice. I have idioticly bought this game myself. But i do not wish to judge, but to simply place a note. I have recenlty played Warz and have experniced some great features of the game such as the point of the vaults and safe zones. But of course i faced the worst point in the game. Campers, Now before i begin you might as well think doesnt Dayz have the same problem as well, i do agree with this problem. Although campers cant be stoped Warz has the core of it. After playing on a server for 3 hours i had a problem and lost conenction losing my psotion. After relogging i entered a server and died within 3-7 seconds. I had experinced loot too AKMs, Flare Guns, and much more. I was disppointed and angry since i found out the server had only 3 players, i felt both a idiot and anger. But what about Dayz? I have had less camper issues on it than warz, other then the sneaky cmapers around the corner. But soemtimes i was about to kill them along with myself which enlightend me knowning that i some what ruined a persons time. But i want you to decide wheter im being the only camped or you folks as well.
Do forgive me if have been some what hamrful to you or to your gaming expernices.
Thank you.
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katsuragi 23 Maj, 2013 - 18:51 
if you got camp killed with just 3 players on the map then that is just some amazing bad luck. Clearly you need to find someone to blame and should judge your entire experience and the game itself on that. This way you can join all the cool kids here and be accepted and loved and not be one of those jerks who have fun playing this game.
topiary 23 Maj, 2013 - 19:50 
Not really logical to conclude that the game is the "core" of campers from just one incident.
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