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-SRI-Punish3r 2013年5月16日下午5:46
FIX the in game GC purchase.
I have found a temp fix...
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-SRI-Punish3r 2013年5月17日上午2:35 
SO i found a way to purchase GC. First go to the core files found in C:/program files/steam/steamapps/common/The war Z and click on warzlauncher.exe then go into market and click buy GC. Now you can use your Credit card or other ways to purchase and bypass the steam way that doesnt work. I have money sitting in mine guess ill use it on another game one day.
_Skyline_ 2013年5月17日上午6:47 
I had no issues buying through steam.
Pierines 2013年5月17日上午7:15 
HOLY SH!T! You're a life safer! finally! someone made a right solution! love ya mate!
B U C K M A S T E R 2013年5月17日上午10:07 
You should make a support request with Steam, I did and they are making me jump through hurdles but there is definitely a problem with the Steam wallet and WarZ marketplace. I don't WANT to use a credit card, I wan't to use my steam wallet funds.
-SRI-Punish3r 2013年5月17日下午12:09 
I do too buck but in the mean time this is a working SOLUTION.. btw I found this out on my own! :)
-SRI-Punish3r 2013年5月17日下午12:09 
Arisen glad to help ya mate
Pierines 2013年5月18日上午12:08 
=D i was finding a solution ever since i first played this game, and could'nt find any, which is why words can't express how glad i am to have found your post :D
-SRI-Punish3r 2013年5月18日上午12:20 
I was the same way myself trial and error
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