Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Magz May 14, 2013 @ 9:54pm
Remnant Nation RP/PVP [] [RP Point System]
---------What is Remnant Nation?---------

Remnant Nation is a three-faction RP/PVP community. We’ve taken what Hammerpoint has given us with War Z and continually try to improve and expand upon it. We’ve come up with an extensive role play point system (RPPS) that creates high-tension role play situations that reward factions with points based on the situation's outcome.

We pride ourselves on our continuous efforts to provide our membership with a hack-free private-server environment to which they can feel comfortable using gear that would normally wouldn’t in public servers.
Remnant Nation hosts at least one server-wide event each month that provides the winner with rare-item rewards.

We continually evolve with the evolution of the War Z to create a unique gaming experience for everyone.

---------What is a role play point system (RPPS) and how does it work?---------

Remnant Nation is the first RP/PVP private server to operate with a role play point system. The system is designed to do a number of things. First and foremost, the system is designed to funnel rival factions into high-tension role play situations with one another. The second major aspect of the RPPS is to provide some accountability for the membership. With the RPPS, both members and admins should easily be able to see who actually wants to enjoy the environment we provide via role play and who only wants to end every situation in a fire fight.

After each role play situation, faction members will be able to fill out a simple form on our website that will help the admins assign the correct amount of points to each faction based on the situation and who was involved in it.

Faction points are awarded to each faction each week based on the territories they own. A level 5 territory will net a faction more points per week (PPW) than level 4 or 3 territories. Level 1 & 2 territories remain neutral. These territories (hidden forest, devils pass, rest stop, etc.) were determined to have little to no strategic value. Having assigned a value to each territory on the map, Remnant Nation has the luxury of adapting to future patches and loot table changes that War Z provides us in the future. If Camp Splinter is the hot spot now, it will get a strategic bump in value. If for some reason Camp Splinter gets nerfed and Echo’s Compound becomes the new hot spot, we can easily swap the territory values. If this was to occur, proper notification would be given to each faction.

Faction points are also awarded to members who shake down rival faction members, take hostages (mini-game), assault enemy territory, complete hit contracts, as well as a variety of others creative ways. Each of the instances listed have a specific point value and once completed gets sent to their faction’s point’s pool.

The points can be used to purchase hit contracts, exclusive rights to assault enemy territory, host sanctioned faction events, and more…

Some people ask the question, “Why should I comply with a shakedown if it results in another faction receiving points?” Well, complying with things like hostage attempts and shakedowns will grant your faction some points as well. Complies within enemy territory will grant you less points while complying in your own faction’s territory will grant you more points. This is designed to keep the server numbers higher by not ending the situation with a kill each time. More people alive equal more possible high-tension situations.

In addition to faction points, a faction member may receive negative reputation points (NRP). NRP is accrued when a player refuses to comply with his would-be captors in a hostage attempt, or the people who try and shake him down. Again, like with our normal comply rules, whose territory you’re in matters. If a player is in his own territory, he will not accrue NRP for defending himself or his faction’s territory. However, if that player finds himself being shaken down in neutral or enemy territory, if they choose to retaliate, they will accrue NRP.

If a player accrues too many NRP in a single week, his faction gets a point reduction penalty. This is designed to create an environment where the faction members police their own and teach them the ways of the RPPS as well as the ways of their faction. In addition to inter-faction policing, NRP also provides an avenue for Remnant Nation admins to hold individuals accountable for their actions. In the event that someone continually accrues NRP, they run the risk of removal from the community.

---------What steps does Remnant Nation take to remove hackers from their servers?---------

In addition to the FairFight system that the War Z provides, we come up with creative ways to locate, isolate and eliminate the hacking threat. In addition to our own internal ways of finding hackers we provide our members with a link to a fillable webform that they can submit to us any suspicious activity that they’ve witness while on our servers to include our teamspeak server. This system allows us to minimize “hack-usations” and other in-fighting between our membership. This also lets us get eyes on a suspected rule breaker without tipping the suspected violator off that we’re monitoring him.

We also network with other RP communities’ leadership in regards to the hacking threat. We have and will continue to provide other RP communities with our banned list to help minimize the long grueling process of locating, isolating and eliminating the suspected hacking threat. Remnant Nation has also been known to ban close affiliates of suspected hackers for nothing more than to maintain server security. If we feel that a person will pass our changed server password to a suspected hacker or group due to their relationship with the individuals, then we’re forced to remove that individual as well. We try to do our absolute best to avoid this from happening, however from time to time, this has to happen.
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Magz May 19, 2013 @ 6:31am 
Tonight in Remnant Nation, the People's Resistance will assault Parkerville/Campos City in an attempt to capture it from the Order of Independence. This WILL be a long battle! There's still time to join before the assault!

Who do you think will win? The Order, or the Resistance?
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