sepion02 2013年5月7日下午2:12
stuck again
stuck at the starting updater screen !! What's happening again ?
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ZERO..FIA 2013年5月7日下午2:14 
its been like this all day you get on then the server goes down then you get back on and what happens the server goes down OMG
Bob 2013年5月7日下午2:18 
I have gotten report from an error too
sepion02 2013年5月7日下午2:19 
After 5 minutes it says failed to connect to update server...
[VVAR] Drackoroth 2013年5月7日下午2:23 
same it just says searching for new updater try 1 2 3 4 5 ect wtf is wrong with the servers
Stalker Swiss 2013年5月7日下午2:25 
they update server cooldown peoples
lazyox 2013年5月7日下午2:33 
update some other time every time i get home from work sit down to relax there updating do it in the moening hours in america like most servers
Old Crow {Centurion} 2013年5月7日下午2:39 
i just got this game, is this tipical
KBOOM 2013年5月7日下午2:39 
Agreed with buffalo, same problem
sepion02 2013年5月7日下午2:42 
cooldown yourself swiss@#$$!!%%
They constantly update servers and that's very annoying that's all.
Old crow, yes it is typical.
[VVAR] Drackoroth 2013年5月7日下午2:43 
引用自 ;810923580666197457
i just got this game, is this tipical
yes and no allthough this game has been haveing troubles of late because of hackers but it has been going ok for last few weeks but obviously there is an important update they need to apply
ChaosPenutt 2013年5月7日下午2:44 
its called updates
sepion02 2013年5月7日下午2:45 
that make no sense, every other games are able to update their servers without shuting everything down for hours.
[VVAR] Drackoroth 2013年5月7日下午2:46 
yes i suppose there hasent been one for a while although im not usualy awake this early in the morning so maybe they usualy update at this time
branbran 2013年5月7日下午2:46 
Might be a couple hours before they fix this and we can finally do the anoying ♥♥♥ update...I swear if there we not so many mistakes in this damn game,they wouldnt have to be updating it all the time.
ChaosPenutt 2013年5月7日下午2:46 
new things are being added. an every game is different
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