olloman 2013年5月4日 6時47分
HELP PLEASE: out_data bug
hey guys! I've been playing war z on my high end notebook without any problems, but if I try to play it on my older notebook (with Win Vista) it doesn't work properly. The game works only the first time I log in a server after a patch installation or after reinstalling it: if I try to play after the first time, it crashes right after reaching the end of the loading bar when I should instead spawn in the game world, sending me back to the desktop with an error window saying "out_data must be initialized before" and the option to report the bug (which I always do). Any suggestions? This is a really annoying bug because I bought the game two times on different accounts in order to play with a friends who doesn't have a gaming pc, and right now I'm not able to do so...
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Seifer 2013年10月2日 22時35分 
i have the same problem, and the support never apears to help -.-
f#ck the hour when i buy this shi7
Seifer 2013年10月3日 1時00分 
i Already have a windows 7, the problem continue and cant play, please find the real problem to get the solution
Sarsipius 2013年10月3日 1時41分 
That's an odd error to have happen, sorry I have no real soloution for you. I'm guessing you have verified the contents through Steam and it sounds like you have tried to reinstall. Possibly try making a thread on the official forums under the bugs topic or I have seen some people be helpful in the off topic area regarding PC problems. If it works first time would it be possible to manually delete some file making it reinstall that file when you start the launcher maybe fooling it into thinking it's a freash install? I know it's not a fix but that might help untila fix is found. Sorry can't be of more help.
olloman 2013年10月3日 5時15分 
thanks everyone for the comments! actually I've not played on the pc with the issue for a while so I don't know if it persists with the new patches, and since I'm away from home for some time I won't be able to try the fixes you suggest and see if they work. Anyway I guess that was just the tip of the iceberg with warz, probably even if I could fix that issue there would be many more preventing me from playing. A shame that such a promising game gets ruined by the bad attitude of the dev team
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