Skroullfox 2013年5月4日 2時24分
The WarZ
I Really like this game.. i want some day the DEV take good care of this game.
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djhighspeed 2013年5月4日 3時16分 
same here
Cronik 2013年5月4日 4時59分 
Yeah the potential is sooo massive with this game, even in it's basic form it's very fun but with abit more work it could be my favourite game ever. I think the best hope we have though is for Hammerpoint to sell out to a big, high rep, big budget company that would be awesome.
Skroullfox 2013年5月4日 5時06分 
yeah that too. if sell to a comp like idk. Rockstar Games this game will be for sure the best game ever!!!!
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