timonyblacky 2013年5月3日 16時57分
Cannot play the game!!!!
I just download the game and when i press "Play Game" button, the game closes, what a bad joke... and the problem is that my money is now of the company who lies me...
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Kyros 2013年5月3日 22時55分 
yes this have my friend too
ApexGlow 2013年5月4日 22時54分 
if the game says "not responding" and shuts off the game it means your computer isnt up to the games standards and u cant play. sorry to break u the bad news but this cant be fixed :(
timonyblacky 2013年5月5日 8時59分 
My friend can play now, the solution for him was download the game from www.playwarz.com/download Try it
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