timonyblacky 3. Mai 2013 um 16:57 Uhr
Cannot play the game!!!!
I just download the game and when i press "Play Game" button, the game closes, what a bad joke... and the problem is that my money is now of the company who lies me...
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^5[GYROS]^5^9xX^9^1Kyros^1^9Xx 3. Mai 2013 um 22:55 Uhr 
yes this have my friend too
ApexGlow 4. Mai 2013 um 22:54 Uhr 
if the game says "not responding" and shuts off the game it means your computer isnt up to the games standards and u cant play. sorry to break u the bad news but this cant be fixed :(
timonyblacky 5. Mai 2013 um 8:59 Uhr 
My friend can play now, the solution for him was download the game from www.playwarz.com/download Try it
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