StonedShrimp 2013年5月2日下午1:31
Updater keeps trying to launch for max times and fails
Prob like the tittle says.

Just tried to start the game, and updater is trying to start, but fails after 10 trys and gives error message "Failed to connect to update server. Check that you have working internet connection and not behind proxy or firewall" .

Well obviously nothing wrong with the connection in my end, as im posting here and so on, and played the game last time like 15 hours ago, when it worked just fine.

Tried restarting both pc and modem, so acquired new ip, still no luck.

Anybody else experiencing similar issues atm?
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[SOZD] cfox8706 2013年5月2日下午1:34 
a few people are I beleive they are doing some kind of update or have the servers offline for some other reason thats usually what that means when the updater makes it to 10
Mr. Brown 2013年5月2日下午1:34 
A friend and I have the same problem so wait and lets see
StonedShrimp 2013年5月2日下午1:39 
ahh yeh, so i thought but couldnt find any information about it easily enuff :)
Just tried to re-send error reports from last night as they failed to send back then, and still failing now, so gotta be their servers offline.

And i was already in mood for hearing some roaring in nightly forrest and slicing some no-brainers :)

Maybe later today then. Thanks for quick response everybody!
janhouston 2013年5月2日下午2:06 
Same here how do we fix it
StonedShrimp 2013年5月2日下午2:09 
waiting for that 2 hours, and hopefully it wont need that additional 4 hours time like dev had said.
copy paste from the link above:
Posted 30 April 2013 - 01:01 PM

Hey Survivors!

We will be bringing down the game servers on Thursday May 2nd 12:00 pm PDT -7GMT for a security update. The downtime is expected to be 2 hours but with a possible 4 hour extension. We will let you know ASAP if an extension will be needed.

Javi Ramirez 2013年5月2日下午2:11 
same problem wtf¡¡
Ebola is coming 2013年5月2日下午2:11 
ye its just maintenance and shizzle, i bought it literally about 5 mins after it went offline quite annoyed i wanna give it a try XD
Ebola is coming 2013年5月2日下午2:12 
but it will be up for me to playt tongith or tommorow im guessing :)
Javi Ramirez 2013年5月2日下午2:12 
i supose :S
janhouston 2013年5月2日下午2:14 
So I am not the only zombie killing upset?
Ebola is coming 2013年5月2日下午2:15 
no i am too :P iv heard so many bad things about this game, but im a sucker for zombie survival games ;P
noblewolf6 2013年5月2日下午2:31 
i just bought the game and are having the same problems too wtf!!! help i just got it like 10 minutes ago it keeps checking servers
Gymkhana 2013年5月2日下午2:34 
I believe they shut down the servers and everything because of some hackers stealing lots of peoples accounts or something like that.
Ebola is coming 2013年5月2日下午2:37 
ye now they getting all; serious with security updates.. good thing i got it today then.. means my stuff safe XD
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