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Ofeh 1 mag 2013, ore 1:38
Cars and new feaetures?
Is it someone who knows a good place to get announcments of
new features?
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RavenLuck 1 mag 2013, ore 6:03 
The actually warz forums...
For a dev's feature update most resently,
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LEROTS 1 mag 2013, ore 6:24 
Cars? In this "game" will never be a cars. They did only some minor changes and tested techniques how to get even more money from foolish deluded fanboys. They only want you to spend more money for private servers, new characters, buy ammo/meds since you get zero and so ...
Cronik 1 mag 2013, ore 9:36 
I really don't know any1 from my clan that has actually brought GC to use at the marketplace, you really don't need to. You find all the items in the game including ammo as u can take the clips from guns now and stack the ammo clips to make q full 1 if you find a gun with a random amount of bullets. Me and my clan have paid for 3 months server rentals for free thanks to the devs keep giving us free GC.

That being said the lack of new content and features is depressing, the patches for tweaks/bug features have been good though.
GermBumBum/Isnogud65 2 mag 2013, ore 2:01 
Messaggio originale di < OFEH >:
Is it someone who knows a good place to get announcments of
new features?
Hahaha you little romancer that they expect to have loooong and everything that happens with every patch the game is unplayable THANKS AGAIN her super horny CAPABLE programmers WARZ.
Hahaha du kleiner Fantast das versprechen sie uns schon laaaange und alles was passiert mit jedem patch das Spiel wird Unspielbarer DANKE NOCH MAL ihr Super geilen FÄHIGEN Programmierer von WARZ
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