Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Reb 2013年4月29日 23時06分
Died, Nothing around me
Man this is ate up, I was running through the woods near smallville and i started getting attacked so i ran full speed and still was getting hit so i spun to see what was hitting me and nothing was there, so started running again full on and was still got hit like 2 more times then died. Nobody else on server and no zombies around me. Man this game is messed up
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I like getting hit by radiation sickness last few times
Reb 2013年4月30日 1時04分 
the only reason i picked this game back up and started playing it was they gave away the free whatever the currency is (GP?) so i played and stayed alive for days running around on and off. so now I die to apparently nothing and what do they think im going to spend money on replacing the gear and items i lost due to random death to "ghosts" or invisable leprichans?
that's what you call server lag happened to me yesterday, not fun not fun at all
get a better connection and stop stealing WIFI from your's against the law!! lol
James 2013年4月30日 9時10分 
Rebby の投稿を引用:
near smallville

I think I found your issue
Were you infected or bleeding out?
DwarvenAncestor の投稿を引用:
Were you infected or bleeding out?
I was thinking the same thing. Cause sometimes you just don't notice that.
You guys it was the elevation zones, even if the hill doesnt look that step it will kill you.
James 2013年4月30日 16時28分 
Mr. Hipster の投稿を引用:
You guys it was the elevation zones, even if the hill doesnt look that step it will kill you.

Is that even true anymore? I've taken false fall damage about 3-5 times in 150 hours of gameplay, but people LOVE to act like it happens all the time.

Also.. I have NEVER died to it.. then again.. I've never managed to get spawn killed either..
最近の変更はJamesが行いました; 2013年4月30日 16時29分
maybe you got shot from a distance....
James 2013年4月30日 18時06分 
TheKidNamedWHIT の投稿を引用:
maybe you got shot from a distance....

If that was true he would've been told a player killed him
didnt think of that sorry
Reb 2013年4月30日 23時02分 
when i died it said i got ate by zombies but i want to stress there was absolutely nothing around me and nobody else on server, i did hit tab quickly to make sure i wasn't being shot at. also no i wasnt bleeding out i was at full health with no bio infection. after i ragequit and before i posted this topic i did a speedcheck from because lag was my first thought but my connection seemed normal so unless it was serverside lag i'm still at a loss. the only other thing i can think of was maybe some zombies were trapped under the world and i passed over the top of them. i seriously dunno
honestly it could have been false fall damage its happened to the best of us.
Reb 2013年5月2日 1時02分 
I'm not saying its not possible, I just don't get why if it was fall damage it was acting like i was getting hit by a zombie then said i was eatten by zombies
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