great_warz1 2013年4月27日 22時42分
Help me!! with WARZ
I can not see my charater in creator charater
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B U C K M A S T E R 2013年4月28日 9時38分 
Sounds like you have a technical glitch with your system. I've not experienced this glitch, I've played with both nVidia and Radeon cards. Are you running the latest video drivers for your video card? Does your system meet or exceed the minimim requirements?

Beyond general troubleshooting, I'd recommend you go to the WarZ Survivor Support site and request assistance:

Good luck!
MLStephenson 2013年4月28日 9時42分 
Are you hitting the ones that are locked?
{pdX}joe 2013年4月28日 9時54分 
you probably got banned for no reason like every1 else!!!!!
James 2013年4月28日 10時01分 
{pdX}joe の投稿を引用:
you probably got banned for no reason like every1 else!!!!!

I can't tell if you are trying to be serious or trying to parody the types of people that say these things.
{pdX}joe 2013年4月28日 10時03分 
just kidding, buddy, hope you get it worked out!!
You're too slow 2013年4月29日 7時43分 
How do i find my serial key?????!!!!!
Thing 2013年4月29日 9時28分 
you first have to make one!
DrasticSlayer 2013年5月2日 4時32分 
I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM cant see the character not even the map i can play dayz with no problem what the frack !!!
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