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The reason why folks don't like WarZ
First of all, understand this: I haven't bought, or played or had anything to do with the actual game itself.

But I want to hear if the game would've been improved at any point considering the problems and huge ***hole moves that Hammerpoint decided to pull off with WarZ.
Yet I don't care now that I'm looking thru' and seeing if it has improved - all I see are folks crying tears for it being back on Steam and folks saying that "Oh, it was just 15$ - get over it; I did and now the game is fun again!"...

I'm making this thread for one simple reason, why I think folks don't like it and its not as much because of WarZ for WarZ is a game based off DayZ - no problems there, the problems only come into play when Hammerpoint decided to ban folks, harrass 'em, threaten them even it have been reported - true or not, that's alot of controversy that a game shouldn't have day 1!
Any game shouldn't have more or less any controversy regarding it but all games will fall into it but not all games fall into the pit of "You are banning random people to scare people" and whatnot other theories people have of a game.
I'm saying this to anyone defending the game that the reason why the game may be good is because you don't care about the danger of Hammerpoint. The game can be fixed by now but no one will care if they are scared of Hammerpoint where most of the controversy came from to begin with! The game itself was crap at release for most press folks and those are the people we have at our disposal to trust and there was a large, red warning sign saying "The game is broken" but alot of games are broken next to unplayability at launch!

Two examples are Magicka and SimCity (even if that was for another reason, it still broke down to unplayability ... litterly) that come to my mind at once!

So, I am posting this to all the people who are defending this game - and indirectly Hammerpoint; people who don't like this game don't like it because of the folks who hold the IP! And that won't ever be resolved and the folks who buy it now either
A: don't know what Hammerpoint did!
B: don't care what Hammerpoint did!
C: live in a cave that for some inexblicable reason have an internet connection!

So please, stop defending the game unless you are also a supporter of all the things that Hammerpoint was blamed for - it may not have been proven to be true but it is WAY too much controversy to be ignored.
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Liquid Mantis Apr 23, 2013 @ 8:31am 
The game was designed to be a cashgrab, you must understand. The signs are rather obvious, its meant to expand on the whole DayZ hype.
ArgentumEmperio Apr 23, 2013 @ 8:56am 
Yes but even a game that is a cashgrab can be fun if the game itself is fun - unless the cashgrabbing comes in the way of the fun.
Which is why I didn't bother concerning myself with commentating on all the nummerous different things Hammerpoint did to the game. I stand by my point: the game itself can be fun now when it may or may not have been fixed but I am no interested in the game for Hammerpoint is a couple of corrupt ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s who puts a stain on the gaming community and more precisely, to developers of games.

WarZ being a cashgrab - yes, of course I know this but it ain't the biggest problem; its "just" an annoyence upon all the other stuff WarZ was/is of today! ... an example of a cashgrab done right is actually a game like LoL.

It used the hype of DotA now becoming its own standalone game and all and because of the timing it was clearly a cashgrab. The difference is that it was also a game which actually worked and just keeps building of today. "Cashgrabbing" in this case however, is a different tale as they did - as you are well aware obviously - an unfinnished or at least awful game to the press who did their job and told us to avoid it like the plauge!

But all games have to make a profit so essentially all games are cashgrabs, the difference is how you use the word "cashgrab" and if the game in question is a good one or bad.

But as I said in my previous comment I don't believe the problem was that this is a cashgrab it is one but the problem is with the developers now being one of the worst if not actually THE worst game developers out there of today!

I know it used the DayZ hype as a tool to make money but even if a game improves just a little bit, just imagine DayZ but with good zombie AI and stable servers. Then the game would be amazingly much better of today but, as I said before - I don't care if the game is better which is why WarZ won't ever be a likeable game; no matter its origins, no matter how many patches there are ... only one thing might be able to save WarZ but no one would ever make this happen: a change of developers! And if that ever happens I am going to smile all the way to China, but if you are a realist one will know that it won't happen.
l3ft Apr 23, 2013 @ 9:08am 
I'd still play it occasionally just because i bought it (before steam got it) and the gameplay honestly isnt the worst. I woudn't give the company any more money, and i wouldn't recommend people buy it. Just something to do till Dayz standalone
James Apr 23, 2013 @ 9:12am 
Originally posted by Mituna:D:
The game was designed to be a cashgrab, you must understand. The signs are rather obvious, its meant to expand on the whole DayZ hype.

Wait... are there non-cashgrab games? like... non-profits that make games? I thought basically all games were for profit.
Leon Apr 23, 2013 @ 10:46am 
Yes, it started as a cash-grab, the developers were lying during the first month~ of the release saying things like "yeah, we are going to have vehicles within the week" etc (they are still not out btw) but- as time went on, I think they realized that they could actually make money on the game in the long-run by improving it. I believe they actually hired a real programmer or 2 about a month ago because some real fixes and improvements started appearing.. I mean real bug fixes not just small changes.

I think the game is worth the 15€ it costs. There are few games that give me adrenaline during a shoot-out - WarZ is one of them.
android_22 Apr 23, 2013 @ 10:53am 
Cashgrab refers to a product that is made cheaply and has poor quality but the hype and misinformation causes people to buy it and then the developers ask for more money to improve your experience with a game you just bought. Its intended to basically trick you into giving them more money. This game is a fail. I bought and played this game since Alpha...and to me I still consider it an alpha game. The developers are unproffesional and incompetent. They released a game that was nothing more then a generic tps/fps with permadeath and horribly designed zombies. This game could have been good but the development process failed miserably and the result is a game that barely deserves a 4/10 score. I could go on about this game but that pretty much sums it up. I would never recomend this game to anyone.
TryhardCanada Apr 23, 2013 @ 11:07am 
Once DayZ Standalone is released, WarZ will be dead. Good riddance. On another note, I was banned from WarZ's forums for making a post and educating people a little. Sergey makes 25% of all WarZ V.I.P hack sales from 3 known cheat sites. How does he profit from WarZ hack sales? Simple.. he provides hack coders with the new WarZ code a couple hours before each WarZ update to keep the V.I.P hacks "undetectable". So the hack coders get the heads up a couple hours in advance, they take the hack offline, they get the new code from the WarZ update from Sergey, then implement the new code with their hacks and the hacks are back online, just as quick as that. Sergey.. you're a joke, you'll never amount to anything, period. Cashgrab game? ♥♥♥♥ yes.
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ArgentumEmperio Apr 23, 2013 @ 12:05pm 
Originally posted by Dimman:
I think the game is worth the 15€ it costs. There are few games that give me adrenaline during a shoot-out - WarZ is one of them.

Is that adrenaline worth risking your future payments used to purchase WarZ consider you as an untrustworthy person? It has happend and this is the reason I don't want anyone to recommend a game which have folks who have gone out thier way to do something like that.

Is that adrenaline from the game, or clicking the button "Confirm purchase"?

If one wants adrenaline, buy a horror game! Not a game that have had this much, and I will repeat myself for a third time now; controversy regarding the launch - to such a degree that it falls down the same route as Greenpeace.

This is a good example to explain althu' I do know that Greenpeace is a global organisation to help animal's rights around the globe (in case someone who skims too much might read this and realize, "hey, maybe I should read the whole text"; not refering to anyone directly with this statement): a represenative from Greenpeace visited me last summer, wanting me to sign a petition - I asked them this question:
"But isn't Greenpeace the organisation who blows up whale-catchers out to the sea?" and recived this as an answer, "A small group, a tiny group of people who call themself come from Greenpeace have done this yes but the organisation is in reality a large support of research and medical aid and more than that, its just a small group of people who actually come from Greenpeace who does this, maybe like 1% - but with all the people who does this it could very much be 10%. Still, a small number for such a large organisation!"...

Here lies the problem why a certain selective few games/developers/associates shouldn't ever be trusted or have thier product recommended. The reason why is because even if it is just the "10%", it is still the most obvious and most representive of the actual group!
And I say the same thing with this game that I say with Greenpeace for both Greenpeace and Hammerpoint have lost all possible creditbility even if it is "just those 10%", it is still what is a huge mark upon them and thier product: make over, make good - aka. recreate "Hammerpoint" with a new studio (aka. change studio) for Hammerpoint will always be repsonsiable for all the controversy that were associated with the launch of WarZ.
This is the ONLY way WarZ will ever be worth a single penny...

For sure, Hammerpoint just might turn around and redo everything but the problem still remains! They are still associated with the controversy, and associated with WarZ - these two connect rather nicely.
Stop recommending a broken game, maybe not in its current form but with all of it which is associated with WarZ - it will NEVER, and I repeat: NEVER be worth as much as anything else than a thought that you cast away for you don't want to be involved, helping or in some way be part of Hammerpoint.
android_22 Apr 23, 2013 @ 12:53pm 
Glad to see there are people who know THE TRUTH of this game
Vicodin Titan Apr 23, 2013 @ 1:02pm 
this game blows like an irish ♥♥♥♥♥, waste of money
RedNeckMilkMan Apr 23, 2013 @ 3:33pm 
Loenr Apr 23, 2013 @ 5:33pm 
i liked the game look fun but i cant even play it!!!! it freezes when i get into the game then reload the menu! if you know to fix this contact me if not i want a refund baddd
android_22 Apr 23, 2013 @ 8:43pm 
Yes Sheep I forgot to mention the fact that it's statiblity is horrid.
{pdX}joe Apr 23, 2013 @ 8:48pm 
some peeps like this game, some peeps like to be whipped, hurt and humiliated. this game is for them. never forget,"it takes all kinds".
android_22 Apr 23, 2013 @ 8:55pm 
I suppose people like crappy games for different reasons, denial is a top reason I'd say. Nothing better to play. Or they enjoy being a absolute jerk.
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