SergioJQK 2013年4月18日上午4:05
see ya all in next patch!!
I am not gonna play anymore this game with this stup------ patch. no excited on scavenger, no excited on pvp, no excited on survival cause no items, no excited on pve cause you can't kill zombies 1v1 with knive pretty fast... i had lost my first impresion of this game. Hope new patch in few days so I can play again. T.T. best wishes all. GL HF.
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#GetRektasaurus (已封禁) 2013年4月18日上午4:24 
Id just refund like most other players - everytime they patch they have to do 2 or 3 hotfixes because they balls up so much, then patch and 2 hotfix agian.
Zauberfraid 2013年4月18日上午5:59 
dito i stop plaing now i like the thaugt that amo clips be usefull but wtf is with food water and medical supp fu icant figth z without medical loot or shut i buy my bandages at shop now????????????????????????????????????
SergioJQK 2013年4月18日上午6:15 
i go play league of legends while developers think about their acts... hope ULTRA FAST PATCH.
Zauberfraid 2013年4月18日上午8:15 
yep i also play lol now
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