LeL'Rathlor 2013年4月10日下午6:04
How to get in a Private Server?
Most of the servers are private and requires a password. Any idea on how to join, or find someone to ask to get on. Most of the public has hackers and I just want a good secure server
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ChiGoku 2013年4月10日下午6:07 
to get on a private server, you must know the password... if you do not know the password, ask around as to who has a private server and ask for the password, if they are willing to share it
ryankaehler 2013年4月10日下午9:31 
i am currently selling slots into my private server five dollars in gc for all five characters pvp free but we will have a pvp clan that hops worlds when we wish to pvp
Zatio 2013年4月11日上午2:57 
I am currently looking for people that are looking for a pve server, my server is free only requirement is to join my steam group and follow the no killing rule. Have to be strict when people are killed even if it was self defense its the only down side but i am hoping it won't happen offten.My server will be renewed each month as long people are playing on the server, the server can hold 100 players at a time. We got 30 members so far so don't be shy join to day :)
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