Matt Frix 2013年4月5日下午12:47
Was anyone else's account taken?
I just recently bought The WarZ and I try to login but I can't due to someone changing my email associated with the account. WTF.
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Sarsipius 2013年4月5日下午12:53 
Did you change your details in the last week since they have been hacked?
ratatoep 2013年4月5日下午12:54 
You've been scammed! You're winner!
Matt Frix 2013年4月5日下午12:55 
No I haven't changed anything. I haven't shared information or anything. I just got back on in like 3 days.
Meeki 2013年4月5日下午1:01 
Did you use the same password for your email as you did with the game? >.>
Sarsipius 2013年4月5日下午1:03 
How long ago did you buy it? About a week ago the head guy in the company had his account hacked and the hackers got everyones login, password etc as well as many other things.
Matt Frix 2013年4月5日下午1:07 
Acctualy, it glitched or something. I launched it twice more and it worked the second time. I have no idea.... sorry guys. If your account was taken email them.
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