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Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

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So yes, by now we all know that the servers are down and we have no information from hammerpoint. There are a few logical reasons that could be concluded from this:
  • They could be doing another emergency matinece, without telling us
  • They could be adding the next patch (vehicles?), without telling us
  • Or, what most people seem to think, hackers have shut down the servers

    The third option is very appealing for many people, because as I stated before, Hammerpoint has not given us any reason as to why the servers are down. But, other than for attention, why would hackers want to shut down the servers? To me, it seems more likley that they are just integrating the patch. Here's why, if there was an emergency shutdown, they most likley would have notified us beforehand, like they did for the last two emergency matineces. If the War Z servers were hacked, they would have noticed by now and released a public explanation as to why the servers are down. For these reasons, I think it is more likley that they are releasing the patch and we will be back on the servers in a few hours. Please share your thoughts and opinions.
    Thank You.
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Rok73 2013年4月5日上午9:40 
Why exactly do you open another thread for this? There is one going already with over 100 posts right now.

/end of thread
ratatoep 2013年4月5日上午9:50 
vehicles? LOL Don't be ridiculously naive. Maybe in a thousand years in this form:
Derek 2013年4月5日下午12:23 
引用自 xenocutter
They could be adding the next patch (vehicles?), without telling us

Oh you did just not dare to force us into lethal laughter. War Inc, being the previous project of Hammerpoint Interactive, have been claimed to implent vehicles, and four months later they claimed it again in another update. That was in august 2012. If they're not going to implent vehicles into War Inc, then why would they in a game that is configured and based on War Inc?
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