Fatshark_FPV 2013年4月3日下午4:59
Manbearpig's PVE ONLY server
looking for a couple more ppl to add to the small group of nice and fun ppl to play with.
-we make up our own events
-loot together
-trade together
and all in all have a good time.
i do take donations of gc considering it cost 64 dollars for one month and its hard to handle on my own. so comment below if interested.

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Meyer 2013年4月3日下午5:09 
Hey I play war z alot and am alwasy looking for a safe server to run my chars when there full on gear after pvp im interseted and will add you to friends.
Fatshark_FPV 2013年4月3日下午5:22 
added you.
Deathdealer 2013年4月3日下午5:23 
me added me
Fatshark_FPV 2013年4月3日下午5:40 
引用自 jimfai288
me added me

not sure what that means
Deathdealer 2013年4月3日下午5:41 
i want to join your PVE server please
NeuroticFetus 2013年4月3日下午7:45 
Me too i would like to join
Fatshark_FPV 2013年4月3日下午7:48 
are you guys willing to donate. i would hate to bring ppl in and have them kill my paying members and have to change my password and such. i think thats resonable right?
Fatshark_FPV 2013年4月4日下午8:14 
you think i dont own the server? lol ok. i have 15 members and its definatly my server. you will see more. ill even open it up and let you in to play on it for a bit then put my pass back up to prove it. haha. ur a joke meyer
Adhesive Medical Strips 2013年4月4日下午8:28 
lemme know if i can get in the server too but theres 4 other people i know if youre ok with that. and theyre all strictly pve
Fatshark_FPV 2013年4月4日下午8:44 
go ahead and add me adhesive. 4 ppl plus you?.
Valshe 2013年4月4日下午8:48 
I'm interested, minus the forum drama. Depending on how it goes I may consider donating, depending on my capabilities AND how my experience with the server is.
Fatshark_FPV 2013年4月4日下午8:54 
i added you valshe. go ahead and message me when u get the request. not sure what you mean by depending on my capabilities?
Crazybritt 2013年4月4日下午10:51 
i have been looking for a legit PVE server for a while!! could i join please i wouldn't mind donating after a few days of me playing in it :)
perc_4_ur_brain 2013年4月5日上午12:46 
if you still have space i would like in
Fatshark_FPV 2013年4月5日下午12:23 
let me do a recap guys and see how many ppl i have. from now on pls message me if you want in. thank you guys.
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