rdo do cavaco 2013년 3월 30일 오전 8시 39분
Decompress failed
I bought The Warz yesterday, but i cant play it. When I try to get into a server show the mensage "Decompress failed" , i reinstaled the game twice and nothing. Someone can help me? This is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ me off. Sorry for my bad english =/
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Silentghost14 2013년 3월 30일 오전 9시 05분 
Not supprised there was a reason this game was removed from steam once and has a score of 20/100. The whole game is unoptimized and unfinished sorry to say u got tricked WarZ is not the same as DayZ. I recommend you just wait for when the DayZ game not the mod releases. I feel your pain would have hoped u had seen all the review that say stay away from WarZ.
CAPTAIN SANCHEZ 2013년 3월 30일 오후 1시 50분 
The War Z is a scam. Plain and simple.
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