WhooptyWoo 2013年3月28日下午10:15
Wow the promo video looks bad.
This is a full release game? This looks like an unfinished mod, and a bad 1 at that.

Is anyone actually playing this?
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Reaper 2013年3月29日上午12:34 
Hackers and fools... If only the fools had a chance to choose DayZ over WarZ! THIS IS MADNESS!!!
counthamilton 2013年3月29日上午2:11 
Hahahahahaahahahah to all that paid for this piece of crap!
razberrie 2013年3月29日上午6:51 
lol..... you think the promo vid is bad ?..... the game doesnt even come close to the staged scenes in it.....that's how bad the game really is.
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