RizZo 2013年3月24日下午8:06
So i was playing on bobys home server but he keeps changing the password so i decided to rent my own.i am here because i want to offer some of the guys from his server i played with that need a safe place to play (without donation) there are some names i have in mind if you are these names you can add me on steam here as a friend and i will give you a password.but the catch is i am only allowing 10-15 tops on my server PERIOD.I already have about EIGHT filled and these names are as follows.....
sigmav4 and the other sig. lol
avery whom i think is a sig also
and Eric England
i will not stand for any killing whatsoever,or giving out my password other than if i give it to you.SO PLEASE DO NOT GIVE MY PASSWORD OUT TO ANYONE! My goal is to just have a low traffic server with people i can trust.so lets get to killing.anyone else interested i may give youa shot as long as we can trust you!
最后由 RizZo 编辑于; 2013年3月24日下午8:08
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E-N-T 2013年3月24日下午8:31 
ooo im interested :D send me info
Dmanplayer723 2013年3月24日下午8:32 
would not mind getting on this, and you can trust me I follow all server rules to the letter and report all players who don't.
最后由 Dmanplayer723 编辑于; 2013年3月24日下午8:33
AussieFeeDz 2013年3月24日下午8:44 
hey accept my friend request im interested
Grimn 2013年3月24日下午10:13 
I'm interested, send me a friend request
JTC21B 2013年3月25日上午12:59 
Interested in getting in on this was wanting to do this myself just can't afford the server. I have 2 friends that i play with and we have been looking for a way to just PVE without the constant fear of getting shot in the back. Please respond very respectful people here.
mny3020 2013年3月25日上午6:15 
I'm interested as well.
ikramOF I 2013年3月25日上午8:17 
im interested, i follow rules dilligently, but im crap at grammer, send me a friend request sometime, or ill send you one
RizZo 2013年3月25日下午2:03 
I'm still looking for a couple more players.i've got some good trustworthy players up to this point.So get ahold of me people!
Misery 2013年3月25日下午2:25 
引用自 sal.stephen2

I saw that a couple of dayZ before but didn't read the whole thing.
Now I'm reading it and opened the link for the devs cheating in-game spawning stuff.
These guys are scumbags.
In that video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=njkev774zjE
you can see clearly that they stole even crysis gui for weapon customization.

Why do you still play that game people?
Lagitus 2013年3月25日下午2:27 
im interested in playing this, send me the info and rules and ill folow them and report players who dont.
jd320 2013年3月25日下午4:17 
im in ill send you a friend request
Tricks of the Trade (Trading) 2013年3月25日下午5:06 
very down, friend request please
XwwX 2013年3月25日下午5:10 
I would also love to join in if there is still room. Let me know!
ikramOF I 2013年3月30日上午10:00 
hey rizzo what happened?
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