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Malaki 21 mar 2013, ore 12:45
cheats and no pve channl
why is there no pve servers where u can at last make something of your char as soon a i start to get stuff i get killled by cheaters or just lucky lol this game need alot of work done to it to make it what it was meant to be i think it got rushed out like all games their should be more to a zomie game then just pvp lol what a joke this is i was thinking wow the pirce is real fair to i played it lol i mean for a noob to play this game is just bad u have to p2w ;p or just kill all poeple that u come across ;lol nota zomie game pvp game thats all sort this game out be a fat game to play put some humans in it where their start picking up the bodys and do missions for and so on come on peeps its nota facebook game lol
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razberrie 21 mar 2013, ore 12:47 
wow...not one period.

I suppose we'll give you credit for the two semi colons though.... oh wait one was an emoticon.... I think....what did you say ?
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