Sephiroth 2013年3月13日下午6:02
Looking for friends
Titla says it all, I'm looking to make friends to play War Z together get's boring playing on your own and having noone in the game talking
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xXBigTaterBXx 2013年3月13日下午8:39 
i will play
joeycutajar 2013年3月14日下午7:15 
ill play with you but i dont have a mic to talk to you with but we could talk in steam chat
Xbox Won 2013年3月14日下午9:01 
Im up for it :D
Arcticgamer 2013年3月14日下午10:43 
I'm down man. I just got the game and its still downloading but send me a friend invite and i'll let you know when it downloads
Flacko 2013年3月14日下午11:05 
引用自 Pvt Kia
Im up for it :D
Don't trust him he teamed up with me and killed me!
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Tejas Rebel 2013年6月12日下午7:36 
Yeah I love WarZ and am looking for people to actually play with just not the back stabbing people that kill you and steal your items
Kenkade 2013年6月13日上午3:24 
im just starting this game seems fun but i cant tell im gona need a lot of help
ikramOF I 2013年6月13日上午6:16 
add me ill join
Septic 2013年6月13日上午6:42 
Sure im in for some gaming to but let me just know how old u are?
Simon_von_Rolighed 2013年6月13日上午6:51 
SepticFlesh i assume you're Danish since you have the DK tag in your name, and i'm currently looking for other Danish players to play with. If you're up for it, add me on steam :)
Btw i'm 19 years old
Dr. King Schultz 2013年6月13日上午10:11 
I'm 80 years old AND STILL gaming. No, jk......:)
NoKillsNoSkillz'' Snyft '' 2013年6月13日上午11:40 
add me
Tejas Rebel 2013年6月13日下午8:30 
Awesome! anyone who wants to play with me I am game. I dont have a mic yet but am getting one soon.
PS I am 18
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