djhighspeed 2013年10月23日 23時47分
where are the rifles en guns en the itemboxes
where are the rifles en guns en the itemboxes dont see them on our private server
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-RSST-Shadow 2013年10月25日 13時18分 
I've had a private server before, and i found more items on a public server. You can still find stuff like that on private servers. I found my first sniper on one. They're just not as common.
djhighspeed 2013年10月26日 0時09分 
oke thanks dude
Septic 2013年10月26日 2時15分 
Im finding loads of Itemboxes on my Private Server maybe you just been unlucky or someone have looted them before you. But try out Norad or Splinter you can try and invite me then you can try it out on my server if you want can show you the spots where they can spawn :)
djhighspeed 2013年10月26日 2時53分 
thanks man
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